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Archive for September 7th, 2006

Nifty Notion #2

September 7, 2006


The picture above shows another of my favorite quilting notions, Triangles on a Roll, which I used to sew 80 half-square triangle units last night. I could have cut 160 individual triangles and arranged them in pairs and been careful to not stretch the bias edges as I sewed, or I could have drawn my own grid on the fabrics after I calculated how far apart the lines needed to be, but using the Triangles on a Roll is much faster and more accurate, especially for little triangles like these (about one and a half inches finished). And since I put the lighter fabric touching the paper, I was able to iron the pieces while the paper still stabilized them, reducing the risk of distortion during pressing.

I don’t use Triangles on a Roll (or the similar Thangles and Triangle Paper) every time I’m making a quilt with a lot of triangles. Sometimes I want to cut and place the pieces individually, moving them around until I’m happy with the colors and values. But sometimes, like with this baby quilt I’m rushing to get done before the baby turns one on Tuesday, I want a quick way to turn out many of the same unit, and the triangles on paper tools are a great option for doing just that.

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