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Still Jogging

September 5, 2006

When I last reported on my training program, I was struggling with the increased jogging time in week two. I’m happy to report that I eventually managed to complete those five intervals of two minutes each. I’d be happier if I’d managed to do it without having to repeat week two but that didn’t happen. So today I’ll start week three, only a week late. I’m glad to see that the jogging intervals don’t get longer (or the walking ones shorter) on the program this week. There is one more set of them, but maybe that won’t be too bad. Maybe.

I’m a little concerned going into tonight’s session because my most recent one didn’t go too well. After two successful outings, doing all five of the two minute jogs (well, okay one was interrupted 1:40 in because I had to wait cross the busy street, but I could have done it otherwise), Sunday I only managed three full ones with the other two cut short because I had a pain in my right hip which spread down the outside of my leg and made it hard to maintain any sort of form; I found myself slapping that foot down rather than hitting heel first. I don’t know what the problem was. This was the first time I tried going out in the morning, so maybe I didn’t allow enough wake up/warm up/hydration time before I started. Maybe the pavement in Illinois is harder? (I was back there again checking up on Mom. She’s doing much better; she’s off the oxygen entirely and was feeling well enough to go out to lunch and a movie. We saw Talladega Nights, which was very funny and unexpectedly sweet and had a great cookie at the end of the credits.)

I also had some success since my last training report in getting some shorts. After looking at the Title 9 website, I took a chance and ordered a pair of the largest shorts they sell (size XXL; don’t I feel huge now), since I was buying bras anyway (they have plenty of those in my size, oddly; I didn’t think there were that many large-breasted slim-hipped women in the real world but evidently so). They fit, just barely. I’m hoping once I lose a few more pounds that they’ll be a bit more comfortable. But I really scored at Target (wish I’d thought to go there in the first place); they had shorts that not only fit me but also have a built-in liner and zippered pockets, features the Title 9 shorts lack. I also got some socks at REI and found I don’t like the fancy double layer just for running socks. At this rate, I figure I’ll have my warm weather jogging wardrobe fully in place just about the time it gets cold.

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