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Archive for August 1st, 2006

Guild Show

August 1, 2006

Today my camera and my cable and I are all in the same room, so I can share a few pictures from the quilt show that Denise and I went to on Sunday. As I was deciding which shots I wanted to write about, I realized that this will be the first time I’ve posted pictures of quilts I had nothing to do with creating. It hasn’t been for lack of raw material; I’ve been to plenty of shows and taken plenty of pictures at them since I started this journal. I’m too self-centered, maybe, or overly concerned about putting a foot wrong when it comes to netiquette and copyright issues. In any case, today I forge ahead with other people’s quilts.

I’d seen some of the quilts on display before during show-and-tell at the guild meetings; it was nice to be able to get close and study these. One of our more famous guild members, Sue Holdaway-Heys, had a couple quilts in the show, including The Wishmakers. She does gorgeous, painterly work.


This is the quilt I gave my viewer’s choice vote to: Midwestern Beauty by Marilyn and Patricia Wolff Knapp. New York Beauty and similar patterns always attract me. I like that this one combines the circles and spikes of Karen K. Stone’s Lady Liberty pattern with the pinwheel borders, which makes it even more interesting to look at, as does the fact that the quilters used a lot of different fabrics within their chosen color scheme.


This was Denise’s choice; Never a Dull Moment made by Raylene Kruger and quilted by Marilyn Lange. I liked it a lot, too–all those bright batiks are a treat to see. It’s based on Jewel of the Prairie by Judy Martin; I bought the magazine that pattern was in because I had the idea I might make my own version someday. That day is still far off.


This is Lucky Stars, made by Juanita Garland and quilted by Kaye Adams. It’s a pattern from Atkinson Designs that’s also on my someday list. I think it would be a great baby quilt.

A few more of my favorites from the show are over in Flickr. I didn’t have anything in this show since I’ve been giving away everything I’ve been making lately (and haven’t been finishing that much anyway); maybe I’ll manage to complete something suitable for display by the next one in 2008.


Editor’s note, 04-Aug-2006: Evidently my brain is overloaded, as I now realize that I was wrong when I realized that I had never posted other people’s quilts here. I did, just a couple months ago. Duh. I am fairly certain that this was the first time I posted contemporary quilts by other people, but I’m not willing to swear to anything at this point.

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