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June 26, 2006

After drafting my petty musings on summer, I found out that ElleBee died over the weekend. Damn. I guess I knew that this was coming, barring a miracle the likes of which I’m not sure I believe in, but I’m still sadder I expected I’d be. I didn’t know her that well–we both posted at The Usual Suspects (which is how I came to sew the TUS friendship quilt for her back after she was first diagnosed with breast cancer), and I participated in some journal collabs she ran, and we exchanged e-mail now and again, but I never met her in person and now I won’t ever get the chance because cancer has claimed another good person. Some people are going to plant trees in her memory; given my decidedly non-green thumb, I’m not sure what I’m going to do–giving more money to breast cancer research and keeping my mammogram appointment next month will be a start, I guess.

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