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Archive for March 29th, 2006

HP Craft Updates

March 29, 2006


My Ravenclaw scarf has a new patch on it. I lost the original one when it fell off last month one very cold Saturday when I wore it out and about. Maybe the iron-on adhesive wasn’t tested in extreme weather conditions, or maybe I didn’t get a good bond. Since I’m not sure where exactly it fell off, I didn’t retrace my steps to see if I could find it, but just ordered a new one. I was disappointed when the replacement came, as it wasn’t the same as the original (even though the picture on the website hadn’t changed)–the new one is less detailed and has a less pleasing overall shape (sort of skinny and pinched-looking). Oh well. This time I tacked the patch to the fabric as well as ironing it on before I sewed the fabric to the scarf. I also went back and tacked the Slytherin patch down. Lesson learned.


I added to my Harry Potter fabric collection this week. I know I said I had enough, but I’d never seen this panel before–Hedwig and the flying car on one half and Harry, Ron, and Fang with the car in the forest. Now that I’ve seen it up close, I’ve decided it was never intended to be sold to home sewers but is instead leftover from the pillowcase manufacturing process. I’ve seen sheet sets for sale with these images on the pillowcases–Hedwig on one side, the boys on the other, which is exactly what one would end up with if the panel were folded over and sewed into a pillowcase. The interesting thing about this panel is the way there’s another design printed on the fabric–scattered tropical leaves with a leopard print border that show through the HP design. I think this piece was probably run through the presses when they were being setup to check registration of the different colors and plates and such. There is none of the typical information in the selvage that I’d expect on fabric destined to be sold off the bolt, just two sets of color blocks, one for each design.

And, finally–look what I got:


Yes, that’s the Felted Tweed for my Weasley sweater. I gave up on waiting on the local shop (where they didn’t have anything helpful to say when I followed up after a month–I thought they could at least look up when the order went in) and bought from The Knitting Garden, where I was able to both take advantage of a March discount offer and get free shipping. If the local shop does ever get my yarn in, I can always make a different sweater. I got Brilliant Knits on clearance a while back and it has several projects that call for Felted Tweed, so I won’t even have to look too far for something suitable.

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