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Archive for March 16th, 2006

44 Things

March 16, 2006

Denise tagged me for the 4 things meme back on February 25th and today seemed like the right day to do it. I’ve made a few changes to it–a meme is like a quilt pattern, which can be followed exactly or adapted to suit the maker’s tastes and inclinations.

Four jobs I’ve had in my life: I got my first W-2 by being a secretarial temp during the summers I was home from college. Most of the places I worked liked me–a couple offered me permanent jobs, even–but PepsiCo didn’t. I showed up for my second day and they were surprised to see me, since they’d called the temp firm to tell them they didn’t want me back because I didn’t type well enough. Had they told the temp firm they needed someone to do a lot of typing before I was sent out there? No. Had they told me they didn’t want me back before I left the first day so I could get my time sheet signed and get paid? No. It turned out they hadn’t even called the right temp firm to fire me. I was not impressed. After college, I was an auditor at a Big 8 CPA firm (back when that meant something). After that, I worked as a corporate accountant. I don’t even remember my exact job titles anymore–senior accounting analyst was one of them, I think. I mostly did spreadsheets and reports and sometimes assembled big binders of presentation materials. And now I’m an application developer. I’ve always worked in an office, with occasional field trips to a plant or a warehouse. Maybe after I retire I should try restaurant or retail or outdoor work to get some variety.

Four Movies I can watch over and over: I saw Dogma not quite twice this past weekend when it was on Comedy Central; I don’t seek it out but I always stop channel surfing when I run across it. It used to be the same with French Kiss, but I bought the DVD of that last year so I can see it whenever I want. I have Nightmare Before Christmas on both VHS and DVD, I like it so much. And of course there’s Lilo & Stitch.

Four TV Shows I like to watch: I get frustrated with Glimore Girls sometimes but still look forward to seeing it. Any of the I Love ______ shows on VH1 (though I don’t get why the Snoopy Sno Cone Machine ranked so high–#13– in the new I Love Toys series), and also their Best Week Ever. Monk makes me feel better about my own compulsions.

Four popular TV shows I have never watched an entire episode of: Friends, Seinfeld, Survivor, American Idol.

Four of my favorite things to eat: deep dish pizza from Pizza Papalis, chicken carbonara sub from Quiznos, garlic mashed potatoes, goat cheese on anything.

Four URLs I visit every day I am online: White Noise, Distributed Proofreaders, my LJ friends list, the stats page for this journal.

Four places I would rather be right now: Grand Targhee, Tokyo, Paris, Singer Island.

Four quilt patterns I’d like to try my hand at: New York Beauty, Double Wedding Ring, The Vine Quilt, Nosegay. A lot of points and curves and odd angles in those, which is why I haven’t attempted any of them yet. Someday.

Four things I’d like to knit: A Weasley sweater, a fair isle vest, gloves, socks.

4 things I’d like to do before i die: visit the states I haven’t yet, maintain at goal weight for more than a year or two, find a sport or exercise that I love as much as skiing that I can do locally, retire.

4 Presents I got for my most recent birthday: The Goblet of Fire DVD, a pretty birdfeeder that I’m looking forward to seeing how the squirrels deal with, the Teddybear Crisis DVD, and a couple of TSA-approved luggage locks that I’ve wanted for a while but never quite got around to buying.

Now I’m tagging Sam, who needs to write more now that his site isn’t broken anymore.

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