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Archive for January 1st, 2006

Done and Undone

January 1, 2006

Part of me wishes I had fabulous weekend adventures to report, about how I put on a fancy dress and danced in the new year atop the Eiffel Tower in Vegas (example only, not something I would actually do), but most of me is happy to have had a weekend at home after two away. Yesterday I did lots and lots of laundry, went to the post office to mail our holiday cards (late, but better than last year, when we didn’t send cards at all, and these are Happy New Year cards, so one could say they’re not late at all), made an emergency trip to JoAnn Fabrics (or maybe they’re now called JoAnn Home Decor, as the store seems to have more faux flowers and candles in it every time I go) to get more thread so I could finish quilting the baby quilt I’ve been working on for some long time now, and celebrated the coming of the new year at home with just Mr. Karen. We shared two bottles of ice wine and did some other things that we need to make more time for in 2006.

I did not return books to the library and get some new ones to read/listen to. I went to the library yesterday, yes, but it was closed for the holiday. I didn’t expect that. The mail came, so I figured the library would be open. Nope. As it turns out, the library is closed three full days for New Year’s. That must be one hell of a party the librarians have if they’re still too hungover to come into work on the 2nd. It’s not like they have a noisy workplace to deal with, either.

I also did not post an entry for Holidailies yesterday. Yes, I know there’s an entry dated the 31st, but I put that up this morning. So spank me. I meant to write an entry. I put it on my to do list yesterday morning, then never thought about it again. Getting e-mail from Chip about Holidailies sponsorship didn’t trigger any thought that I should write an entry. Mr. Karen asking me last night if I needed the internet for anything didn’t spur any thought of writing an entry. It wasn’t until this morning, lying in bed trying to figure out what that dream about the therapist who was having me make a big collage on a white board and the guinea pigs who lived in an aquarium on a shelf and the armored car idling in the street was all about, that I realized I’d broken my string of daily postings. Crap. After dragging my laptop through five states so I could post from the road and keep my streak going, I fell down on a day when I had internet access the whole time and wasn’t even that busy doing other things. How frustrating. It’s like the way I dropped off the list of people at work who had kept current logging their hours all year on a day I was more productive than I’d been in a while, concentrating for long stretches on a particularly involved programming task and not taking all the little breaks I usually do to check e-mail and update my log.

Tomorrow it’s back to work. I’m hoping for a quiet day, since a lot of people–colleagues and customers–will still be on holiday. I should have no problem taking a break for lunch and writing an entry then at least.


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