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Archive for September 19th, 2005

Weekend Roundup, Now with 75% Less Sentence Structure

September 19, 2005

Friday night: Arrive home from work to find husband sick. That explains all the nose blowing the night before–thought he’d just had too much hot pepper at dinner. Immediately take dose of Airborne. Finally finish binding of heart quilt so that it can be turned in at guild the next morning. Do more knitting on PoA scarf.

Saturday: Stress about turning quilt in at guild–who has the labels, what if show and tell is late or they don’t do charity quilts first (should I skip Nia even though I skipped Nia last week)? Once at guild, ask at check-in about label for quilt–lady who has them turns out to be sitting two chairs away. Get label sewn on before business meeting starts, then pull out knitting. Feel self-conscious–this is quilt guild–is knitting okay? Lady in row behind me is cross-stitching, so guess I’m safe. Continue knitting even during slide presentation–very pleased to find that don’t need very much light to knit, unlike applique or quilting. Moment of panic when stitch marker (row marker? a real knitter would know what that little plastic thing is called) falls off needle during color change; sigh of relief when cautious probing of lap reveals marker stuck in fold of pants. After speaker, show and tell announced–charity quilts first. Have strategically positioned self when selecting seat, so am second in line. Do not freeze when faced with microphone, do not babble stupidly (at least not so I noticed, and I’m pretty sure I would). Decision time: stay for rest of meeting or go to Nia? Will be late to Nia, but Nia never starts on time. Decide to go. Arrive 10 minutes late; no one is dancing yet. Oddly, no one in class is anyone I have seen before; wonder if I missed an e-mail and all friends taking different class but at least instructor is who I expected to see.

Arrive home from class sweaty and pink-faced as usual. Husband still sick, so oil not changed in car I left him. Might have to go get done myself. Can do, but don’t like to–one place that treated me as someone who might know about cars also Republican stronghold that recommended I watch more Fox News, so have not gone back post-2004 election and have not found new place I like. Shower, lunch, then back out to run errands. Brave yarn shop alone to get one more skein of green for scarf, as starting to worry about not having enough for fringe and do not want to have to keep worrying for next however many weeks until either run out or don’t. Yarn returnable within 90 days; since less than 90 days to Goblet, should know by then if need it. Stop at drugstore for more Airborne; evidently germs going around as only one variety is in stock. Stop at Blockbuster for DVDs to watch with sick husband. Clerk comments on fact I have not been in for a long time. Do not bother telling clerk that one of perks of my job is free DVD library–sure he does not care.

Return home. Michigan State vs. Notre Dame on t.v., so sit down to watch and knit in between tending to the laundry. Game going well–MSU leading by 7 at the half, up by 21 mid-3rd quarter. Game starts to go less well–Notre Dame moving the ball, ties game late in 4th quarter. Sound must be turned off because cannot bear to listen. Overtime brings bad, bad memories of loss to Michigan in triple OT last season. Is fact we have one captain to their three a good sign–we have undisputed, strong single leader–or bad–we’re outnumbered? Do not know. Can barely stand to look as Notre Dame gets ball first and scores field goal. Breathe shallowly as MSU takes possession. Wait–green and white clad player running toward end zone, crossing goal line–I think we just won. Is there a flag? Please let there not be a flag. No flag–touchdown!! Sound can be turned back on for celebration. Players plant S flag in turf–maybe a bit disrespectful, but understandable especially since this is 5th win at Notre Dame in as many years and sets record for most wins by opponent (12) there. Eat dinner in afterglow of victory. Afterglow dampened by starting to feel sick myself. Take third (or is it fourth?) dose of Airborne and curl up under quilt on couch to watch movie (The Incredibles). Greatly cheered by baby’s transformation near end of film.

Sunday: Feeling better; thanks nine hours of sleep or effects of Airborne or both. Spend much of morning going through fabric stash and rough cutting pieces for next quilt and the one after the one after that (also pull out a few fabrics for the quilt in between) while tending to more laundry. Watch first part of Vikings game with still stick husband while doing more knitting before leaving to meet DPers. Arrive at restaurant early and tell server meeting three other people. Server says he can seat me while I wait; I sit where I can see the door. Minutes pass and I wonder if somehow missed them/got time wrong/should have checked e-mail before left the house/etc. Pondering these issues when logista walks up–they’ve been at table maybe 20 feet away, blocked from sight by the very high backs of the benches. Server arrives at table; can almost hear his brain clicking as he puts pieces together–these three people who told him they were waiting for another person; this one person who told him she was waiting for another three. They belong together. So very, very amusing and amazing. In due course, drinks and food arrive. Server comments that my burrito very big, wishes me luck. Later, server expresses astonishment at how much of burrito has been eaten. Server obviously a stranger to me and my love of cheese and sour cream. Adjourn to Panera because still a nice day and that’s closest place with outdoor seating. Among other topics, Thomas Kincaide highlighting event happening across the street in November. Evidently some people specially trained to add paint to prints–for a fee. Why? Probably people who will attend event would ask same question about many of my activities.

Finish out weekend with more fabric cutting, more laundry, more knitting, more DVD watching. Surprised to find that song I always imagined was intended for Jungle Book but cut (because I’ve seen Jungle Book and song not in it) actually from The Aristocats, which I had never seen before. Find the way mouse in movie sounds very much like Pooh and the alley cat like Baloo somewhat disconcerting. Think perhaps I watch too many Disney films for an adult who has no children.

Monday: No longer the weekend. Project manager scheduled me for meeting with customer from 9 to noon. On a Monday morning? What was he thinking? Usually barely at office by 9. Out of meeting now; trying to put sentences for entry together from rough notes typed up before chicken soup lunch spilled in microwave. Not that easy.

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