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Just a Day

January 6, 2005

Today, in between doing the things I get paid to do, I’ve been thinking about what sort of entry would be appropriate to wrap up my Holidailies effort for another year, but finally realized if I waited until I came up with something special, I’d miss the midnight (1 a.m. here) deadline to post to the portal. I’m having a very low energy day; it’s really, really winter, and I wish I were hibernating. There’s a little cubbyhole under my desk; I wonder if anyone would notice if I curled up in there and napped the rest of the day. Probably. I did my best to start on the hibernation this morning, sleeping right through the alarm clock’s light getting brighter and brighter, only waking up when the clock radio went off to tell Mr. Karen he needed to start think about getting up. Oops. I don’t think my eyelids could have grown thicker after just three days with the new alarm, and I didn’t stay up especially late last night, so I figure my subconscious was just trying to put off as long as possible the moment I’d have to go out and shovel snow.

The shoveling wasn’t as bad as I’d expected given the dire weather predictions being made last night but wasn’t so easy that I didn’t leave any for Mr. Karen to do. Surprisingly, my drive to work was better today than yesterday–it still took longer than normal but the route I usually avoid was actually moving during rush hour; I guess a lot of people stayed home. I’m hoping that and the way it hasn’t snowed much more today bodes well for my drive home. Before I can find out, though, I’ve got to get back to work and try to focus on my programming and not get distracted by thoughts like “I really wish I had a nail clippers in my desk” or “what should I use for the back of Li’s quilt?” or “wow, my hands look old today” or “I wonder if they still have any of that Pinetop fabric at Bits ‘n’ Pieces” or any of the other miscellany that floats through my brain.


It’s been almost a week since I first brought it up, and since I’d still like to win, I wanted to mention again that you can vote every day through January 15th for my pictures in the ManHole.ca contest, either the bold blossom or the one with lots of tiny petals (that will be quite challenging to make a quilt from if it wins). Thank you to those who have been voting all along for either (or both). As expected, the rocket ship is a tough opponent, and if I can’t win, I’d be happy to make a quilt of that one. The sculpture of a sewer worker has surprised me with its appeal to voters; if that wins, I don’t rightly know what I’ll do. Photo transfer, I suspect.

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