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Time to Get Up

January 3, 2005

This morning I awoke not to the sounds of NPR but to a simulated sunrise, thanks to Mr. Karen, who got me a new alarm clock for Christmas. The one we’ve used our whole married life, and which he’s had since high school, I think, maybe earlier, is still working, but sometimes it’s good to try new things even though the old ones aren’t broken. This new clock spends the half hour before the time it’s set for gradually making a light on top brighter, providing a kinder, gentler way to wake up. Mr. Karen set it for 6:17, my usual workday alarm time, so that meant the light started to come on around 5:48 or so. I first noticed it at 6:03 and turned away and went back to sleep. By 6:09 I thought the light was entirely too bright, and for a moment I put a forearm across my face the way I do when the real sun has come up and I don’t have my glamorous sleep mask handy but then I figured that was rather defeating the purpose and just let my thin eyelids cope the best they could with the new regime.

All was well until 6:17, when the beeping started. I knew that would happen, but it was still annoying. So much for kind and gentle. I am hoping there’s a way to turn that off. I would read the manual, except it shipped without one (and I can’t seem to find a copy online; I thought everything was online by now). Still, beeping and all, it was easier to wake up this morning than usual. I’m just a tiny bit worried that now I’ve started down the fancy alarm clock road, I’ll need one with more features, like maybe scent as well as light and sound.


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