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The Shoe Said “Love”

January 1, 2005


I am sorry I didn’t get a picture of the other shoe. I am also sorry I didn’t talk to the girl who was wearing them. How hard would it have been to say, “I like your shoes”? Not hard. Probably she would have said “thanks”, and then I could have asked her how she put the words on there. Gluing paper to rubber–that’s not easy, is it? I’ve never tried.

Or maybe she would have said, “Dad, this woman is bothering me”, and then I could have explained to him that all I wanted to do was compliment his daughter’s creativity. Either way, it would have passed a few minutes in the line we were all standing in.

But I didn’t say anything. I just snapped the picture (no flash, because that would have been too obvious). Is that creepy? I think that might be just a little creepy. But I really liked the shoes.

I wouldn’t have worn shoes like that at her age–sixteen or seventeen, I’d guess. I wanted to fit in, not stand out, and these shoes stood out. Maybe all her friends have shoes like these, though. Maybe they get together with a pile of magazines and decorate them as a group activity, the way Mr. Karen and I got together with boxes of dice and played Dungeons and Dragons with our friends.

If I’d talked to her, I might know. But I didn’t, so I can only speculate. Which is better?


I’ve never posted an entry on New Year’s Day before.

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