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Archive for December 28th, 2004

The Quilt That Isn’t

December 28, 2004

The museum at my alma mater, Michigan State University, is having a quilt silent auction. I first heard about this when it was mentioned in the quilt guild announcements back in September, I think it was. Since I not only graduated from MSU but volunteered as a docent at the museum for a while when I was a student, I was definitely interested in helping out by making a piece to be auctioned. One idea I had was “A Toast to 150 Years”, since MSU will celebrate its sesquicentennial in 2005–I saw a central square with hands lifting wine glasses in tribute and a border of grape and wine fabric which I have in my stash. But I didn’t ever get around to making that quilt or any other–I had the other quilts on my list to finish first and now the deadline to get the quilt to East Lansing is four days away and it’s just not going to happen and my idea won’t even work for next year’s auction, should they decide to have one. Bummer.


I’ve never managed to write an entry on December 28th before today.

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