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Flailing Around in Sweatpants

October 9, 2004

Today I did something new: Nia. When Erica mentioned it last weekend, I had no idea what it was. She said it was a combination of dance and tai chi and a few other things and it was fun and did I want to come with her sometime. I wasn’t too excited about the idea. Me in an exercise class? I wasn’t seeing it. I’m too fat. None of my workout clothes are fit for public viewing. I can’t dance. I’ll feel stupid. And that part about the bare feet? No. My wonky toenail hasn’t even grown back all the way. On and on went the internal monologue. I decided not to go.

But between deciding not to go and telling Erica I’d decided not to go, she forwarded an e-mail from the instructor which offered a bring-a-friend discount and told me how nice it would be if I could come with her and I caved. Why not try something new? Why let my self-consciousness get in the way of friendship? Erica’s seen me with no makeup on, in my pajamas, cranky in the morning before my first diet Coke–surely she could handle me flailing around in sweatpants, and the rest of the people I’d never have to see again if class was a disaster.

It wasn’t a disaster. Sure, I felt like a giant doofus at times, trying to move my body in ways it does not typically go, and I had to struggle to keep a straight face during the part of the routine that just screamed “jazz hands!”, and my face flushed bright red from the exertion, but it was also fun. No where else in my life do I get to mingle and kick simultaneously. I even got to do just tiny bit of the Ministry of Silly Walks sketch, though that wasn’t exactly part of the program (I’m not the one who brought it up, but once the idea was spoken, I just couldn’t resist–note to self: dragging one’s feet across the carpet toe side down is a good way to ruin a pedicure). I was encouraged that I didn’t get too confused learning the steps–some of the moves were very similar to ones on the Firm tapes, and that helped.

By the end of class, I’d decided to sign up for four more (there’s a discount for that, too). Yes, I’d like to be thinner and more coordinated and better dressed than I was today, but waiting until I am all those things before I do stuff is a big waste of time. And who knows, maybe going to more classes will help with the thinner and more coordinated.
I sure know I got a workout today–I’m feeling it already, so I can only imagine that tomorrow I’ll have some serious soreness going. Because I worked so hard, and because Erica and I walked to lunch instead of driving, I decided to give myself a pass on the 10,000 steps today. Pikachu will understand.


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