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Archive for September 30th, 2004

Can’t Quite Call It a Week

September 30, 2004

Now it’s Thursday, and I’m thinking both “where did the week go?” and “why isn’t it the weekend yet?” I’d like more time to get ready for the meeting I have tomorrow with a customer, the meeting in which I’m supposed to fix an implementation that’s gone out of skew on the treadle. I’m not the one who broke it; why do I have to fix it? I feel ill-equipped for the role of savior. My only qualification is that the person there who doesn’t like anything liked me when I went out for a meeting back in April. So maybe there’s hope? Maybe I have some inherent customer-soothing powers of which I am not conscious? I can only hope, because right now my brain is overfull from looking at documents and screens and trying to figure out what to do.

I’d also like more time to finish the last part of the very chewy programming assignment I was stressing about two months ago. The features in the original design are done (at least until the customer reviews them and says “oh, no, that may have been what we told you but it’s not what we want”) but the features that got added along the way still need doing. I’m hoping they’ll be easier than the first set, because those were very hard indeed. They also led to the stupidest e-mail thread I’ve ever been involved in at work, which started when one of my coworkers mailed our whole team to say that the date format I’d used when commenting my changes annoyed the hell out of him. Man, if I can ruin his day by making him look at “24-Sep-2004” instead of “09/24/04” imagine what I could do if I tried to piss him off.

I’d like it to be the weekend already because I’m hoping it will be both relaxing and productive. Mr. Karen is going to be kayaking (I almost wrote “paddling” but that might give casual readers the wrong idea–it’s whitewater he’s after, not S & M) so it’ll be just Bubba and me. If it’s warm enough that I don’t think he’ll catch pneumonia, I might give him a bath, since a clean guinea pig is a happy guinea pig–or is it that the owner of a clean guinea pig is happy?–which I guess won’t be very relaxing for him. Last weekend was fun–on Friday night I taught Mr. Karen everything I know about Texas Hold ‘Em (it was a fairly short lesson) in preparation for our Saturday evening at Denise’s–but I didn’t really make much progress on my various projects. This weekend I’m going over to Erica’s on Sunday to work on charity quilts for the guild, so that’s productive, at least in intent. Maybe if I get especially motivated, I’ll workout for the first time in approximately forever, but I’m much more likely to plop down at the sewing machine and finish the baby quilt I interrupted to do the mushrooms. I suppose I could try to do both, but then relaxing would be compromised. I am so fortunate to have such dilemmas.


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