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Archive for September 9th, 2004

Alaska – The Teaser Entry

September 9, 2004

Over the last week and a half, I simultaneously accomplished two things I’d never done before: visited Alaska and been part of a package tour. I highly recommend the former but not the latter. Once I’ve caught up at work a little bit, I’ll do a full trip report; here are a few pictures to enjoy until then.

My first glimpse of an Alaskan glacier in real life (out the window of the plane; that counts).

A view of the train from the train. We had a lot of grey days, so most of my landscape shots are misty.

We saw lots of wildlife, most of which shows up in my photos as dots and blurs. These (look closely) are Dall sheep near Denali.

Puppies! What could be better than a shore excursion that lets you cuddle puppies?

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