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Archive for June 22nd, 2004

Out the Window

June 22, 2004

I was sitting at my kitchen table the other day (Sunday, I believe it was) when I heard a strange scritching noise and looked up to see a squirrel who had climbed the steps up to the patio door and was putting his paws up on the screen. Did he want to come in? Had he somehow learned that I keep the birdseed in a cupboard just inside that door and was now casing the joint? I was pondering these questions when he climbed right up the screen door. He got to the top and peered over toward the garage roof, but couldn’t seem to figure out how to get there from where he was. Eventually he came back down and I thanked the universe for showing me yet another cool thing out my window.

Earlier this month, I saw ducks in my backyard. Since there’s no body of water nearby, I was a little puzzled by that. They made do the best they could, settling in for a rest in the spot where the sump pump discharge comes out; that’s at least intermittently wet. The ducks were fun to look at, but I like the regular avian visitors just as well. It’s especially fun during baby bird season, when I get to see things like one parent trying to take care of two big offspring. Mostly, though, the patio is populated with sparrows and morning doves with an occasional cardinal or blue jay mixed in for an accent color. Once in a while, though, I’ll be treated to a scene that makes me glad digital cameras were invented so I can take as many shots as I want, like the day that there was a squirrel, a duck, and a sparrow all hanging out together.


Last year at this time, I was on the road and not on the computer writing an entry.

Two years ago, I wrote about weight. Right now, I am in pound-denial mode.

O is for Out the Window

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