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Two Years In

May 10, 2004

This journal is officially two years old today. I didn’t get it a present. It got its own domain last fall; what more could it want? A new design, maybe, except I’m not itching to change this one yet. A year ago, when my entries looked like this, which was not much different than the generic layout I started with, I wanted a fresh image. I got one when I found a now-unlinkable template at PooDesigns and tailored it to be quilt-riffic. When I converted to WordPress, I rewrote the code but kept the look pretty much the same because I still like it.
Another thing I like (check out that smooth transition) is seeing in my stats how people get here. Now that I’m on Dreamhost, I get to see search queries as part of the report. Because I feel a little bad when people don’t find the answers to the questions that led them here, I want to address a few of these issues now.

For the person or people wondering how to do a chignon, here’s my process:
1) Make a ponytail at the spot you want the bun. This is usually the center back of one’s head, but hey, feel free to get creative and experiment with asymmetry.
2) Grab the ponytail and twist it until it starts to curl around itself a little bit like a phone cord.
3) Twirl the coil around the base of the ponytail. Because I learned to do a chignon for ballet class and my teacher valued neat hair, I almost always cover the bun with a hairnet that matches my hair color before proceeding, tucking the extra net under the bun, but you can skip this step if you’re less compulsive.
4) Choose one of the following:
a) Secure bun with bobby pins.
b) Secure bun with a cage.

For the person searching for “WW points movie theater popcorn”, my best advice is to avoid the buttery-flavored topping. Also, don’t add M&M’s to the tub, either. Generally when I am eating popcorn at the movie theater, I am no longer in point-counting mode, so I have no better answer for this one. And the person looking for information on “cancel uterus”? Removing I can help you with, but just canceling it never came up with mine. Sorry.

So now I have another reason to keep writing. Not only do I enjoy it, but I’m providing a public information service. Not exactly the kind of thing one can put on one’s resume, but it keeps me off the streets at lunchtime.

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