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Archive for October 20th, 2003

JournalCon, Part 1 – The Bullet Points

October 20, 2003

I am way too tired to write up the long JournalCon entry that’s trapped in my brain, but I have managed to muster up the energy to pick the winners of the first annual KD JCon Awards. These awards are completely frivolous, clearly not sanctioned by any official body, and solely a handy way for me to record some of the things I want to remember about the weekend in list form until I can do better justice to the story of the last three days.

Starting with the background, the Scariest Structure in Austin prize goes to the Frost Bank Tower, the top of which I was convinced was going to unfold and disgorge either an alien pod or a death ray or both.

The She’s So Special She Gets Her Own Category award goes to AB, who is sweet and funny and cuter than a bug. (Please note that people who get their own categories are ineligible for other awards even though they might otherwise win them).

The Queen of Karaoke crown goes to InvincibleGirl, who made us all proud to be Americans.

It’s impossible to pick just one King of Karaoke. Omar, who showed us how to work a chair and a crowd, Bryan, who stroked it to the east and stroked it to the west and got a lot of booties shakin’, and Montykins, who blazed new trails in spoken word interpretation, will just have to share.

Pyro and Ava were the Hottest of All the Hot Journaling Chicks.

The Best Significant Other award is owned by Mr. Karen, who not only supported my plan to spend our 17th wedding anniversary with a bunch of people from the Internet but also cheerfully consented to be on an impromptu panel Saturday morning.

The award for Best Use of Punctuation goes to Frank of myHYPHENjournal.com.

I’m naming ThatGrrrl Most Likely to Be a Usual Suspect because I enjoyed talking with her so much over the course of the weekend that I want her to come hang out with me over at TUS and am hoping the power of positive award naming will help that happen.

And finally, the Person I Would Proclaim to be My New Boyfriend If I Weren’t Married and If It Weren’t Kind of Stalkery To Do So award goes to Stephen Deken, who graciously agreed to having his picture taken with me even though I was in full babble mode at the time and probably making very little sense.

There’s so much more to write about my JournalCon experience; I’m hoping now that I’ve started, the rest of it will flow more smoothly out of my brain and onto the screen when I next have the opportunity to reflect on it.


Last year, Mr. Karen and I celebrated our anniversary with different kinds of animals.

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