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January 19, 2003

While I was updating the exercise log for this weekend, I realized I’d put down the wrong tape name for the last two workouts. I’d said we’d done Volume 5 twice, but really it was Volume 6. If I hadn’t done the real Volume 5 on Saturday and seen the three identical entries there when I knew I’d done two different workouts, I probably wouldn’t have noticed at all. Volume 5 isn’t in our regular rotation, since Mr. Karen doesn’t like it as well as a lot of the others and we usually workout together. We do Volume 6 fairly often, but we refer to it as “Jayne and the Old People”, for the instructor’s name and the fact that unlike all the other tapes, this one has a few senior citizens in the cast. We don’t call the other tapes we do most by their proper names, either; Volume 4 is “Kai and Susan”, and Volume 1 is “The Full Susan”, but since I did those a lot before we started calling them that, it’s easier for me to remember their real names when it comes time to do the log.

The log is looking pretty good for this past week. Four workouts—that beats my target of three. I did Not-So-Tough Aerobics this morning. Since I’m not big on aerobics, the not-so-tough ones are about all I can manage at my current fitness level. I did get really flushed and sweat a lot, but it wasn’t as bad as I’d remembered. Someday maybe I’ll work my way up to Tough Aerobic Mix. I’m not sure if I’ve ever done that tape; I might have bought it just so my set of Firm Parts would be complete. I’m all about complete sets. It disturbs me that my copies of the tapes that were originally issued as the Tri-Trainers don’t coordinate. I’ve got two of the same reissue, but the third from that same time has eluded me. Finally I broke down and got a later reissue of that one, but I still check eBay now and then to see if someone is selling a tape that would make my set of three match. Whether it’s nature or nurture, I sure got my Dad’s love of collecting sets.

In addition to the aerobics this morning, I got some unplanned exercise this afternoon, too. I took Mr. Karen’s electric Ranger out to run errands and seriously misjudged the effect of this very cold weather we’re having on the on the range the truck could get. About three miles from home on the way back, the warning lights started to come on—no problem, I thought, it can go five miles in limp home mode. I turned on my hazards and poked along. When I got to the subdivision just before ours, I turned in, figuring it was safer to be on less trafficked streets when I was going so slowly—at this point I could only go about 10 miles an hour. I still thought I’d get home, though. I was wrong. On the gentlest of uphill slopes, the truck just slowed to a stop and started rolling backwards even though I pressed the accelerator to the floor. At this point, I was only a few blocks from home, so I bundled up and practically racewalked the rest of the way. Right now I’m waiting for word from the towing company about when they’ll be able to send someone out. I’m hopeful we’ll be able to get it in the garage, where I can just charge it up. If not, it’ll have to go to the dealer, and that’s inconvenient. I’d feel less anxious about the whole thing if I could talk to Mr. Karen and make sure I’m taking proper care of his vehicular baby, but he’s off skiing with a buddy and evidently the cell phone they’ve got with them doesn’t get a signal on whatever slopes they’ve chosen for the day. I’d be tempted to just try pushing it home, except it’s so wicked cold, and the truck is exceptionally heavy because of the battery pack, and since it has to be put on a flatbed to be towed, I’m sure pushing it is not recommended anyway. Ah, the joys of technology. Of course, this isn’t really the technology’s fault; it’s user error, but since I’m the user in question, I’m looking for something else to blame.

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