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Holiday Weekend

September 3, 2002

I’ll get to the weekend recap in a minute, but first, today’s big news: I got hit by a truck this morning on my way to work. Okay, so that’s an overly dramatic way of putting it– it was my car that got hit (though I was in it at the time), and it was an extremely low speed collision, so I have no hospital stories to share. Still, it made an impressive noise, and my baby’s bumper is all scuffed and scratched and cracked. I did file a police report; for one thing, it gave me something to do while I calmed down about the fact that the tractor trailer that rear ended me just drove off when I pulled over to inspect the damage. Maybe he didn’t realize that he’d hit me, though how you miss a bright yellow Mustang right in front of you, I do not know. Actually, maybe my car had a zone of invisibility surrounding it this morning, as less than 10 minutes after getting my commute back underway, I almost got sideswiped by an elderly lady in a land yacht cutting in front of me. After braking hard to avoid her inexorable progress into my lane, I contemplated what the insurance company would have thought if I’d had two accidents in the space of one hour. I promised myself I could go back home if one more bad thing happened on my drive, but none did.

So now it’s back to work after a three-day break. I wish I had exciting tales of how I spent my time off, but it was a pretty normal weekend: lots of laundry, some sewing, some reading, some tv watching, some fabric shopping. Mr. Karen and I went to see Spy Kids II; I thought it was cute and fun, if a little slow in the beginning. The end credits were definitely worth sticking around for, and that’s always a nice bonus. I’m the person you trip over leaving the theater, because I’m sitting there reading the credits, looking for funny titles and waiting to see if there are any extra scenes to be seen. (Well, you only trip over me if you don’t pay attention; it’s not like I sit in the middle of the aisle or anything.)

Mr. Karen and I also went to a concert at the theater formerly known as Pine Knob. America was the opening act, and I was surprised at how many of their songs I knew. Turns out that they’re responsible for a lot of the catchy but not distinctive enough for me to remember who did them tunes I heard on AM radio as a youth. (Yes, I listened to music on AM radio when I was kid; I am indeed almost as old as dirt). Kansas was the headliner. We always try to catch them when they come to town. How many more years they’ll be coming, I don’t know. (I may be old, but they’re older.) They did the expected songs– “Point of Know Return” and the traditional final encore and sing-along of “Dust in the Wind” and “Wayward Son”– but also some of the obscure older tunes and newer stuff that only serious fans would know. Since we’re serious fans, we enjoyed the show.

I also enjoyed the “ice cream of the future” I had between bands at the concert. How had I failed to experience Dippin’ Dots up ’til now? It’s strange and wonderful stuff– tiny little pellets that look like dry cottage cheese or sprinkles or beads or something, but melt into ice cream when you roll them around on your tongue. Yummy. I got a bonus in my bowl, too. I spooned up what I thought was a bunch of Oreo pieces stuck together; once I had it in my mouth to crunch it apart, I realized it was not cookie bits, but two bits. A wayward quarter had found its way into my frozen treat. I hope other foods of the future come with money in them; that gives me something to look forward to in my golden years.


In other news, I didn’t win the Diarist Award for which I was a finalist. Congratulations to Glatisanta of Heaven and Woolworths, who did, and Maggie of Dares to Dream, who was my other fellow nominee.

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