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Archive for June 27th, 2002

If Not This, What?

June 27, 2002

The final topic for the June Journal SMACKdown is “What would you be doing if you didn’t have your current career?”

Most likely I would be doing my former career, accounting, provided I hadn’t burned out yet, which is definitely where I was headed when I left the field. Though it wasn’t the accounting itself that burned me out, it was the big company environment. So maybe I’d be doing accounting at a small company, if I could find one that would hire a big firm dropout.

In my fantasy life, I’d be a full time quilter. No, scratch that, I’d be full time quilt designer. I’d have a staff to do the rest of the steps: ironing the fabric, cutting the pieces, sewing the pieces together, basting the layers, quilting, and binding. I could focus on planning the designs and playing with the pieces on my felt wall, indulging in my favorite parts of the process. Maybe I’d write a quilting book. In theory, I could write a quilting book now, but it’d have a better chance of getting it published and sold if I were a well-known quilter, which I’d have to be to have a staff to do my work for me.

As a full time quilt designer, I would take more trips like the one I’m on now, visiting a quilt show and loading up on fabric at the vendor malls and area quilt shops. Maybe I’d design my own fabric line and go to quilt shows as a vendor. Maybe I’d be teaching or lecturing at quilt shows, too. I haven’t quite figured out how I’d make money doing this, since I don’t think the income generated from quilt sales, even supplemented with book royalties and teaching fees, would cover my fabric and staff expenses, but hey, it’s a fantasy life—I don’t have to be a practical accountant in my fantasy life.

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