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Archive for June 10th, 2002

Body Hair

June 10, 2002

Body hair is a timely topic, as the weather has started to be warm enough consistently enough that I want to venture out in shorts and skirts and sleeveless shirts again. For me, that means a seasonal return to regular shaving, lest I violate the cultural norm that says women should have smooth, hairless legs and underarms. Right this moment, I’m still winter-hairy, it having been months since my last dressy social event or winter beach vacation or ski trip with hot tub action. I’m comfortable being furry in private, but not in public. I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable with a bikini wax, Brazilian or otherwise; fortunately, I don’t intend to bare that much skin no matter what the weather.

Shaving my legs and under my arms is about it for body hair maintenance in my beauty routine. (Well, I do pluck my eyebrows, but that’s facial hair, which is a different category in my mind.) The hair on my arms is blond, so I feel no need to bleach it or otherwise fuss with it, and the rest of my body stays private. I might pluck a stray dark hair on breast or belly if it bothers me, but I might also just let them be. I once read an article in Allure in which Lara Flynn Boyle described how, before a big event, she will get her entire body waxed, everything. (Entertainment Tonight’s report on the article is no longer online.) That is way beyond anything I’d want to contemplate, so maybe it’s a good thing I’m not a celebrity.

Here in my non-celebrity world, I am contemplating buying a new razor. Specifically, I’m wondering if the Venus I’ve heard so many good things about would make the process fun— well, until the novelty wore off— or at least easier. Plus, there’s that shave minimizing moisturizer to consider, though I’m a little leery of that— what else might it inhibit? Maybe I’ll even get bold and try waxing or Nair (surely they’ve improved it since I last tried it in college). Stay tuned for updates as the shorts season progresses.


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