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Archive for June 2nd, 2002

About a Boy, and Other Stuff

June 2, 2002

Sunday evenings are my least favorite time. If I’ve had a good weekend, I’m sad that it’s coming to an end because as much as I like my job, it’s no competition for a satisfying weekend. If I’ve had a bad weekend, I’m sad because I’m running out of time to redeem it. This Sunday evening, though, I’m not sad, because in a little while I will leave for the airport to pick up Mr. Karen, who’s been gone since Wednesday night. I’ve talked to him on the phone twice in that time, but phone time is a poor substitute for face time.

I had a pretty good weekend solo, though. Friday I decided to leave work a little early, planning to catch a twilight show of Spider-Man (yes, I liked it enough to see it on consecutive weekends) at the 20-plex near home. No such luck. First one coworker, then another, stopped by with questions for me to answer, and once I got on the road, it seemed that a lot of other people decided to leave work early, too, as traffic was horrendous. I was not going to make it to the theater in time. Then I remembered the less-than-20-plex that I go right by when taking one of my alternate routes. That was a lot closer to where I was crawling along. So, just when the traffic was crawling along bumper to bumper, I took a right onto a clear side road and made my way to the theater to find they had a twilight of Spidey starting in about twenty minutes. Perfect. I had enough time to pee and get some popcorn and Fruitopia for dinner before settling into the cool, uncrowded theater. Much better than broiling out in stop and go traffic. My idyllic situation was somewhat marred by latecoming patrons. I moved once because a couple who sat down behind me decided to talk to each other and ignore my glances of death, then again because a man with three little kids decided to sit down right in front of me, despite the dozens of other rows he could have picked. He later answered his cell phone, so there’s no hope for him behaving. At least the place was empty enough that I could change seats without disturbing anyone. I like the movie, too, though I don’t think I’ll need to see it again next weekend.

Saturday morning was errands time, with trips to the ATM and the card store and the library and the quilt shop and the farmers’ market. Saturday afternoon, I saw About a Boy, which was a dandy feel good movie. I was pleasantly surprised that I couldn’t predict all the plot points, and there was a nice mix of funny parts, and touching parts, and slightly painful scenes that made the feel good scenes feel better. Saturday night, I watched a lot of Trading Spaces while working on my latest quilt and doing laundry. At one point in my life, that would have seemed like a really lame way to spend a weekend night, but it was exactly what I wanted to be doing. A couple glasses of Leelanau Cellars Winter White didn’t hurt, either.

Today, I straightened up the kitchen a little bit and did some more laundry before heading out to a baby shower. The weather was perfect, sunny but not too hot and not too windy, so we all sat outside to eat and play baby bingo while the guests of honor opened their presents. I even won a bingo prize (fortunately not a baby). So that’s what brought me to now, waiting until it’s time to go out again.

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