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Archive for May 15th, 2002

More Quilt Stuff

May 15, 2002

Item number 6 on my quilting to do list dropped off yesterday, as the father of the baby gave his two-week notice, and it was only the coworker connection that put that one on the list in the first place. So, no coworking, no quilt. It’s not like I don’t have plenty of other projects to occupy me.

I started designing the Girl Baby quilt that’s at the top of my list. A group of us went to a quilt show a couple weekends ago with the expectant mama, and there was a small quilt there that she liked and asked the rest of us to let her know if we ever saw the pattern. Well, I found the pattern on a website (thank you, Google), so I thought I’d make that quilt for the baby and also print out the pattern for the mama (I just hope she doesn’t find it first!). It’s not quite baby quilt size, so I’ll have to modify it, which I like to do anyway. I’ve only rarely made a pattern exactly the way it was designed. Usually I don’t use a pattern at all, just make up a design from traditional blocks and block parts. This design is cuter than I usually like to work, but it’s not a quilt for me.

I started pulling fabrics for the quilt last night, starting with a focus fabric that’s white with pink and multi-colored hearts on it. So far, I’ve got a whole pile of pinks with a few white with color prints and a couple rainbow stripes. I’m going to try and pick up more colors from the hearts—golden yellow, lime green, orange, blue. It sounds loud and ugly, I know, but often these things look better than they sound. Also, the baby’s mama said that she likes baby quilts that are bright, not boring, and this will certainly be bright.

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