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January 1, 2016

I thought about jotting down some resolutions for the new year but the brain fog accompanying this sore throat / sinus thing that I’ve been dealing with for the past couple days means I just want to sit around and drink herbal tea and play Candy Crush. I haven’t even put on real shoes since I got home from skiing day before yesterday, much less left the house.
Yet today I did open up the MyFitnessPal app and log my breakfast, then my lunch, so why not just admit I’m once again going to resolve to lose some weight? How much weight, I don’t know. I just know my knees would be happier to have less mass to support, and I need happy knees to keep skiing. There’s a guy with a ski locker near ours who is 81 and out there on the hill most days we are (and probably some we are not). Whether I’ll want to ski another thirty-some years, I don’t know, but I’d like to have the option.

I went into Goodreads and said I’d like to read 104 books in 2016, despite coming nowhere close to reaching that same goal this year, as I wrote about earlier this month. Also, inspired by some friends, I joined the Goodreads group for the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge, even though I can see at least one item on that list that will be very hard for me to do (reading a book aloud to another person). So I pretty much already resolved to read more in 2016.
Earlier today, I posted in a nail polish bloggers group on Facebook that I’d like to get back to publishing an average of 15 posts a month on my nail blog, which is what I was doing in the first half of 2015 before I retired. So I guess that’s another resolution, to blog more in 2016.

What about journaling? Holidailies proves I can post every day if I make the effort. I can’t post something great every day, but few people can. Surely there is a happy middle ground between forcing myself to do an entry every day and doing no entries at all like happened in October and November, but do I want to commit to finding it? I don’t know.

I also don’t know about making exercise and nutrition and decluttering and other goals into formal resolutions. There’s always more I want to do. Right now, I want to go get another cup of tea to soothe this cough, figure out what’s for dinner, make it so, and enjoy an evening with my husband. So I shall.


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  1. Bozoette Mary Says:

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Zenzalei Says:

    Ugh, sorry to hear about the winter bug. I hope it passes quickly!

    I keep a private journal, and a few years ago I resolved not to go more than three days without updating it. That seemed to be the sweet spot. Maybe some kind of rule like that would work for you and blogging?

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