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December Manicure Favorites

December 16, 2014

Yes, I’m recycling content today, bringing three of my favorite looks from my nail blog this month over here to the journal. I won’t go all nail polish geek on you and list brand names, shade names, number of coats, whether topcoat was or was not used, etc., because if you wanted that sort of thing, you’re likely already reading my nail blog and saw it all there. This is just to show those of you who aren’t into nail polish what sorts of stuff I get up to when I’m in lacquer lover mode.

A glitter from a friend in Brazil over drugstore colors from here in the U.S:

Three polishes I got for review in a clouds look popularized by a blogger who’s stopped blogging:

A Christmas manicure I did for a meetup with Michigan ladies who post about nails on Instagram (which I use mostly as a visual notify for my nail blog):

Those Christmas trees are nail strips (not the Jamberry that may have invaded your Facebook feed but ones made of nail polish). Left to my own devices, I would have rooted the trees at the tips of my nails, not the base, but since my freehand skills leave a lot to be desired, I had trees rooted at the base of my nails instead since that’s how the strips were printed (they pretty much have to be that way given how they’re applied). I guess that way they’re right side up for me most of the time, and I look at my nails more than anyone else.


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