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Instagram Gathering

December 7, 2014

So I’ve already failed at the daily part of Holidailies even though, unlike last year, I wasn’t traveling. Ah well, it was bound to happen. I’d intended to write an entry yesterday. On Friday, I’d spent a bit of time getting a document all ready with all the links to prior years’ entries for the upcoming days, so yesterday all I’d have to do was actually write the entry part. But I did not. What I did instead was get up a little earlier than I wanted to and make myself presentable so I could go to a meetup of local ladies who post about nails on Instagram. I barely qualify, using my account there mostly as a notify for my nail blog, but I was invited and figured why not go see what it was all about.

I rode up to the gathering with two ladies I already consider friends and one new to me person that one of the ladies has known since she was a young girl. We left early enough that we had time to stop at a CVS and a Dollar Tree on the way, though neither place had any nail polish that was tempting enough to actually buy. Even so, we were the first group to arrive after the woman who’d coordinated the whole thing, and of course there was that awkward “is that her?” moment at the door, more so than other meetups of online folks since I only knew what her hands look like, not her face. But soon enough we were sitting around a big table chatting happily as other ladies showed up one by one. Eventually we were all there and ate a meal and then got to the really fun part, when the polish and gifts came out. Some ladies had brought little presents for everyone, some had brought polish to swap or give away. I ended up with less polish than I started with, so I’m calling that a small success in my destashing effort. Before we parted, we posed for group photos, and of course one was a hand shot.

Michigan Instagram Nail Meetup

I had fun spending time with ladies and meeting some new friends, but it really drained my still recharging energy, and taking a short walk with Mr. Karen in the crisp wintery air after I got home didn’t perk me up as I’d hoped. If it had, perhaps I would have thought to write this entry yesterday. Now that I’ve had a pretty good night’s sleep, I’m feeling a bit more of my vim return, and will soon head off for today’s adventure.


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