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Winter Count – March

December 9, 2005

For March in my Winter Count, I’m featuring my birthday, because the rest of the month was rather depressing–I was unhappy at work and there was no ski trip to distract me and I was tired of winter and spring seemed like it would never come. Besides, I don’t have any pictures of that other stuff. I can just imagine: “Here’s me in bed, covering my closed eyes with my forearm to block the morning light so I can pretend I don’t have to get up in a few minutes.” “Here’s me at my desk, frowning.” “Here’s me making faces at the phone during a conference call with the customer who is unable or unwilling to learn the new system even though I’ve explained it every way I know how short of a song and dance number.”

Is it a sign of aging that I can’t remember either the restaurant we tried to go to for my birthday dinner or the one we ended up at? I do remember my favorite present: the 10-disc set of NFL Films music. One of the reviews on Amazon says it’s not good driving music, and I agree: some of the pieces make me want to drive like a running back, powering through holes that might just close up on me but wouldn’t it be great if I got through.

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